Some Frequently Asked Questions:

What is murrayfield skating school?
Murrayfield skating school teaches the uk learn to skate programme taking skaters from complete beginners through their badges. Badges can be bought from the coaches & certificates from the box office if desired.

What is murrayfield skating academy?
Murrayfield skating academy is designed to offer an effective development program offering both on and off ice classes. We provide our skaters with a flexible, value for money programme which provides the skaters with a structure to develop their skills in a constructive and fun environment.

How many sessions a week are recommended?
Skate UK Skaters : 1 or 2 15 mins lessons if desired.
Skate UK Star Skaters : 1 or 2 15 or 30 minutes lessons.
Competetive Skaters : 3 x 15 or 30 minute lessons.
Talent Skaters : Your coach will advise based on your age and level.

Lesson time should be split across different days allowing skaters the opportunity to practice and perfect skills they have learnt to effectively progress.

Who are the coaches?
All the coaches are fully qualified by British ice skating, first aid certified, PVG checked and hold Relevant insurance. Additionally they regularly complete safeguarding courses and attend British Ice skating conferences at least every 3 years.

How do we arrange 1:1 lessons with a coach?
The coaches are all self employed. Please use the contact information on the board.

What is training ice?
Training (patch) ice are private sessions run by murrayfield ice rink for figure skaters. Coaches will Advise their skaters when they are ready to progress on to these sessions. Skaters must have a coach to skate on these sessions & booking in advance is required.

What is British Ice Skating?
British ice skating is the united kingdoms governing body for ice skating. They are responsible for our coaches, competitions and test structure. A yearly fee is payable. Your coach will advise you when to join. For more info: www.Iceskating.Org.Uk


Start Achieving Your Skating Objectives

Murrayfield Skating Academy was created to fulfill the needs of skaters from all areas who deserve the direction and attention required to be successful.

Whether your personal goal is a gold medal or just to fully realise your potential, Murrayfield Skating Academy can help.