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    Usually, at this time, the academy would be relaunching after a summer break ready for the new season. Unfortunately, with no indication of a reopening date for Murrayfield we are still on pause! Our coaches are continuously working with their skaters to keep up training both off and on the ice with many choosing to travel out of Scotland to do so. We hope everyone is keeping well & can’t wait to see all our lovely skaters back on the ice continuing their skating journey!

    03 September 2020

Coaching Plans

Each Murrayfield skating academy student receives and individualised coaching plan designed to accelerate development of skating skills and technique.

Group Lessons

The group lessons are run by academy coaches and, as well as being great fun, provide a fantastic way for students to benefit from extra coaching time in a cost effective manner.

Off Ice Training

All our students are taught about the importance of off-ice training for balance, strength and technique. These supervised sessions are in great demand.

"I really like how the academy sessions give me more time on the ice with the coaches. It means that I don't always have to wait until I have a private lesson with my coach until I can ask a question."

Quote from a member

"Since the academy started It's much easier to get the information I need about competitions, training sessions and camps. The coaches seem to be working together much more now."

Quote from a parent

Start Achieving Your Skating Objectives

Murrayfield Skating Academy was created to fulfill the needs of skaters from all areas who deserve the direction and attention required to be successful.

Whether your personal goal is a gold medal or just to fully realise your potential, Murrayfield Skating Academy can help.